How she did that: the story of a CVA who succeeded in adding volunteers to the strategic plan

You can influence from the middle to champion your volunteers. This first-person account is proof.

Have you ever heard of The 360 Degree Leader, by John C. Maxwell? The book’s premise is that you can develop your own ability to be influential from “anywhere in your organization.” You don’t have to be high up on the managerial food chain

Seminars and webinars I had taken had made this case too, but it took reading this book for me to truly think on how to be a leader when it isn’t in your job description.  You can have significant impact even if you aren’t part of the high level meetings about the larger picture at work. 

In the volunteer management world, it is very important to advocate for your volunteers to be a visible part of your organization, so that their work is viewed as valuable and relevant.  It’s unlikely to happen without you.


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