Look for this in your next #volmgmt position

On why it matters to report to the CEO

A lot of ink has been spilled in the volunteer management world, trying to figure out where a volunteer program should sit on the org chart. Do volunteers belong within development, programming, human resources, or maybe operations?

I’ve joined this conversation more than once, debating the relative merits of one department over another, and featuring colleagues who thrive in those areas.

Then I had a conversation with CVA Heather Lother, only to realize that the conversation may be off track.

The reason we keep debating this issue is because, ideally, volunteer management does not rank below any other organizational function.

Volunteer engagement is a stand-alone department on its own.

Heather, who has managed volunteers for seven years, sought out her current position because engagement was treated as valuable in and of itself, operating as its own department.

For the past three years, Heather has served as Senior Director of Engagement for United Way of Piedmont, where she oversees a staff…

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