If leadership skills are so important, why bother with volunteer impact?

Sometimes, what’s second from the top deserves your full attention

When I first started Twenty Hats, my primary focus was clear: I wanted to help volunteer managers achieve their biggest goals: advocate for resources, expand their programs, earn a place on the leadership team.

I blogged and trained around what are typically called “soft skills,” sharing advice on how to influence upwards or how leverage our power. These abilities are essential if we want to see our volunteer programs recognized for the value that they bring to their nonprofits.

And while I still feature these topics (see Jenna Jones’ recent guest post) and still love to train around buy-in, my attention has shifted to something on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Now I’m focused on helping us measure the impact of our volunteers.

Why the shift?

If you asked me which was more important, learning to influence or learning to measure, I’d lean towards influencing. No matter what our skills, our greatest power lies in…

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