Strong volunteer programs start with strong leaders

Headshot - circleIF YOU are a leader of volunteers – and you care about running a quality program in a resource-challenged nonprofit world, then you are in the right place.

I’m Elisa, and I created Twenty Hats to provide volunteer managers like you with the skills you need to overcome tough challenges – and accomplish more for your program without adding hours to your day.

That’s why my coaching, courses, and retreats give you a personalized training experience. This is not the place for off-the-shelf learning. Plan on applying each new skill to your own workplace situation.

Leading a volunteer program is more than just a job – it’s a rewarding, purpose-driven professionif you are trained in best practices and supported to keep growing.

Let’s make your professional experience as fulfilling as possible!


Is pricey the problem? How volunteer managers can make smart professional development decisions

Professional development is an investment in your future. Here’s how to assess the ROI.

Do you know that old cliché from the movies, where a writer has so much trouble composing something that she is surrounded by crumpled up pieces of paper – ripped with great energy from the typewriter? (that was back when we used typewriters, of course)

I was that kind of writer with this post. For a while weeks now, I’ve been wanting to share a helpful way for volunteer managers to make decisions about professional development trainings.

As volunteer managers in the nonprofit world, where we hear all the time that funds are scarce, we become masters of finding the free, low-cost, or pro bono options to build our skills. And that works out pretty well – most of the time. Read more…