Your volunteers love you and say so on Facebook (so let’s track the results)

How far can a volunteer’s experience reach? This leader of volunteers got curious

If someone asked you what’s so valuable about the volunteer role, what would you stress?

You might start by explaining how volunteers enhance the quality of life for clients, or how volunteers help deliver on the mission with a high return on investment.

Or, you might make the connection between strong volunteer relationships and financial giving.

Or, conversely ― you focus on the how the experience benefits the volunteers – about how they come to see your cause in a new light, or master a new skill, or achieve greater meaning and purpose in their lives.

That’s an impressive list of reasons to appreciate volunteers, for what they accomplish within an organization and the personal growth triggered by the experience.

But that’s not the end of the list.

There is another often-overlooked area where volunteers add value, and that’s when they spread the word about their volunteer experiences, and (intentionally or otherwise) increase the reach and visibility of the…

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