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Hi, I’m Elisa

Headshot - circleI’m a coach and consultant, and my clients work with one of the most powerful resources in any nonprofit: volunteers with the skills and the talent to transform our communities for the better.

Managing a volunteer program is more than just a job – it’s a rewarding, purpose-driven profession IF you are trained in best practices and supported to keep growing.

That’s where I come in.

  • I provide volunteer engagement professionals with the training and coaching they need to do their jobs effectively and advance professionally.
  • And I work directly with nonprofits to help them build robust volunteer programs that expand capacity and increase revenue.

It takes a least twenty hats to create the kind of program that draws us to this profession ─ hats like marketer, recruiter, interviewer, supervisor, manager.  The most important hat of all is leader, and I will help you wear that hat with confidence.


From Implementer to Leader – the Unexpected Signal that Your Volunteer Management Style is Evolving

Another take on certain a certain kind of job frustration

Vol Mgt Implementer to Leader - Twenty HatsDoes your boss frustrate you more than she used to? Seriously – perhaps when you started this job, you recognized that your boss had a different work style from you but you respected that, but now you find that your boss’s point of view or the decisions she makes seem increasingly incompetent to you. Perhaps you see a better way to resolve the issue and feel you are not being heard?

You might even be wondering if it’s time to leave your job because her decisions seem so wrongheaded.

That’s one interpretation. Here’s another: your leader is not the problem. You are frustrated because you are ready to step up and lead, too.

There is a difference between managers and leaders. Leaders are the vision people, while managers are the implementers who make the vision a reality.

But the difference has nothing to do with your job title or you position within your organization. Read more…