#LOVols as brand-makers – and why that’s important

It’s leaders of volunteers who forge the heart-centered connections to nonprofit brands

You may have noticed that I like to feature volunteer managers in my posts. These colleagues have mastered a practice or innovated in a way that’s worth sharing with the tribe.

That’s why I featured CVA Heather Lother a few months back. Heather talked about what it’s like to lead a stand-alone volunteer engagement department as Senior Director of Engagement. She had some great insights into what’s possible when you sit on your organization’s senior team.

We need to hear from peers like Heather. Her experience expands our view of what’s achievable in our profession.

I’ve come to realize, though, that I’m doing a disserve to readers by focusing solely on volunteer managers.  There are other perspectives that matter – including the outlook of our nonprofit leaders. The value that they place on volunteer engagement puts our work into context, framing it against the organization’s over-arching goals.

So this month I picked up the phone and spoke with Heather’s…

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