How to REALLY know that your volunteers deliver on your mission

It’s trickier than you think to describe impact – and that’s good

Every time I offer a volunteer impact measures training, I’m struck by some new takeaway the helps me better explain how to do master this complex-but-valuable process.

Today, my takeaway is this:

When you create impact measures on a matrix, one column stands out as the trickiest to complete – and probably the most important.

That column has to do with (drum roll, please)… Indicators.

Let me back up for a sec. Impact measures are created using a logic model. A logic model is a matrix that maps out all of the components needed to evaluate the effectiveness of a program.

The various columns within the matrix – the activities, the inputs, the outputs, the indicators, etc. – all of these pieces lead towards creating the outcomes you actually want. It’s the outcomes that demonstrate exactly what your volunteers accomplished that served your clients or delivered on your organization’s mission.

You can’t create relevant outcomes without putting a lot of consideration into your…

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