Guest Post — Volunteer Training with a Point: Using Impact Measures and Visitor Goals to Shape Volunteer Training

When you treat volunteer training like a strategic priority, everything falls into place

Last year at the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), a group of Museum Educators and me, the Museum’s Volunteer Manager, came together to discuss how we provide high-quality, engaging, and personalized learning experiences for all visitors to NMNH.

Our museum is impact-focused, and within my department we track a great many indicators that guide our work and ensure that our activities are connected to the strategic priorities of the museum. In this particular meeting, we identified a key point of visitor engagement being their interactions with our volunteers.

Working backwards from that point, we realized that we needed to take a deep, hard look at our volunteer training. Ultimately, the nature of the visitor’s experience depends on the quality of the training that our volunteers receive.

We wanted to make sure that our trainings aligned with the museum’s strategic priorities. So we decided to inventory all of our trainings, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that our volunteers…

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