Why you’re a relationship-builder first and a volunteer manager second

Don’t drop your specialization. Just shift your focus.

I’m thinking of offering a new workshop.

This one would be directed towards nonprofits leaders rather than volunteer managers. It would be called “Deconstructing Engagement.”

In this workshop, we would take away all of the conventional titles for nonprofit connectors – development, outreach, communications, volunteer management – and reorganize around one idea:

How can we fully engage individuals in our cause, so that they want to support us in every possible way?

My guess is that this workshop would lead to two inevitable conclusions, namely:

1.  Individuals who care about your cause and love your organization will want to support you in multiple ways: by volunteering, giving financially, and donating in-kind

2.  Individuals will rotate through these various forms of giving at various times. That means they may volunteer for a while, then shift to giving. Or they may choose to only give for a few years. Or they might do the reverse, and only volunteer – perhaps shifting from one kind of volunteer role…

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