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Hi, I’m Elisa

Headshot - circleI’m a coach and consultant, and my clients work with one of the most powerful resources in any nonprofit: volunteers with the skills and the talent to transform our communities for the better.

Managing a volunteer program is more than just a job – it’s a rewarding, purpose-driven profession IF you are trained in best practices and supported to keep growing.

That’s where I come in.

  • I provide volunteer engagement professionals with the training and coaching they need to do their jobs effectively and advance professionally.
  • And I work directly with nonprofits to help them build robust volunteer programs that expand capacity and increase revenue.

It takes a least twenty hats to create the kind of program that draws us to this profession ─ hats like marketer, recruiter, interviewer, supervisor, manager.  The most important hat of all is leader, and I will help you wear that hat with confidence.


When Volunteers Weigh In, Watch What Happens

Not sure how to change up your volunteer program? Talk to your volunteers.

volunteer-focus-groups-th-blueWhen Amy Whary got promoted at the Tel Hai retirement community in Honey Brook, PA, she decided to shake things up a bit.

Amy is the Director of Volunteer Services for Tel Hai. When she was promoted from the assistant position last year, she inherited a program that had operated in status quo mode for over 15 years. “We repeated the same practices over and over without questioning whether they were relevant anymore. I heard a lot of ‘that’s the way we do things’ to explain how we operate,” Amy observed.

“I found the program boring – and I suspected that the volunteers might feel that way, too. But they had never been asked.”

So, before making any changes, Amy initiated something that had never been done at Tel Hai:

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