Here’s what clients have to say about Twenty Hats Coaching

Stephanie Bolson, CVA had a clear vision for where she wanted to take her volunteer program – and she was full of ideas on how to get there. The catch was transforming those ideas into goals that could be accomplished within Stephanie’s already busy schedule.

“I knew I needed to support to reach my goals,” Stephanie observed “but I wasn’t recognizing that my very ambitious ideas were actually causing burnout.  Elisa’s coaching helped me tease out my desired end result, break down my goals in to accomplish-able steps and set more realistic timelines.

While I never intended to hire a coach to tell me to slow down, I can honestly say it is the guidance I needed. Elisa helped keep me accountable for the goals I identified as important.  And in the process, I learned to set aside the work that was over-complicating or distracting me.  I feel more confident and capable thanks to Elisa’s support.  I came away with an abundance of new tools to keep me feeling engaged and passionate about my profession!”


You may remember Barb Sheffer, CVA. She was featured in a Twenty Hats post because she tamed her 60+ hour work week using the time tracking app, Toggl.

Barb didn’t reach her goal in a vacuum. She sought out support and accountability from the Twenty Hats Leadership Circle in Northern Virginia.

As Barb puts it, “Coaching has helped me to understand my goals and priorities and truly go after them instead of just talking about them.”


When Amy Whary was promoted to Director of Volunteer Services, she took her leadership seriously.  She wanted to shake up a program that was stuck in “we’ve always done it this way” mode.

To do that, she reached out for coaching.

“My biggest takeaways came from the initial one-on-one phone call with Elisa, says Amy. “We discussed my program in detail, the issues, where I’d like to take the program, and what I’d like to get out of the course. From there, I set two goals and was immediately fired up and excited to get started. I was then able to apply the assignments to those goals and really create some lasting NEW programs for the volunteers and the organization.”

That first call helped Amy launch the focus groups that were featured in this Twenty Hats post, and resulted in a growing, thriving volunteer program.


And here’s what clients love about Twenty Hats Retreats

This retreat was fantastic! The most valuable piece I found was getting sound advice from like-minded individuals who understand your struggle and care about the outcome. Many volunteer managers are left alone in their respective organizations to deal with many issues from all departments and it can be overwhelming. It’s nice to know there are those out there who can understand this feeling and come up with feasible solutions and not having to explain some of the barriers associated with these solutions.

Kelly McDermott, Carpenter’s Shelter


Attending the TwentyHats volunteer managers retreat; Leading From Where You Are was a great opportunity for me. I was able to meet with other like-minded volunteer managers and discuss our day to day dealings when it comes to leading our volunteers. Most beneficial to me was learning about limiting beliefs we often tell ourselves and how to reframe them in a more positive light. I also very much enjoyed the mind-mapping activities and learning about what struggles other volunteer leaders have in their organizations and being able to offer suggestions and best practices, while also being able to receive suggestions from my peers.

Jessica Towers, DC Central Kitchen


The Leading From Where You Are retreat was a wonderful experience. Elisa did a great job of helping each participant with the challenges they face in the workplace. Everyone had an opportunity to evaluate where they are now in their personal and career goals and set goals for where they would like to be. The session on the types of power people have was truly eye opening and allowed me to see new ways to approach difficult situations. I left the retreat feeling energized and confident in my ability to create positive change within the workplace.

Nicole Dillon, New Hope Housing


What a great retreat! It was great getting to meet other volunteer professionals and be part of an environment that is welcoming to the sharing of ideas. I was able to leave at the end of the retreat with tangible next steps, including a calendar of volunteer recognition that we had completely overlooked at our agency. I also have a clearer understanding of what steps I need to take now in order to get to where I want to be in my career.

Navara Cannon, Northern Virginia Family Service


Entering the retreat I had some experience as a volunteer manager but I was relatively new to the field so I was unsure of what to expect. After a few hours and some enlightening conversations, I walked away with new approaches to tackle my work and excited about moving forward.

Deryck Greene, American Red Cross National Capital Region


This retreat was really enlightening! Having found some processes that work at our agency, I’ve pretty much been on auto drive. After some eye opening worksheets and conversations, I now know the tweaking that needs to be done. And it isn’t going to be “scary” getting out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to future retreats with my peers!

Nikki Clifford, Food for Others