Check your volunteers’ DNA

To the uninitiated, it might seem that a volunteer manager’s job is 90% done when there are enough volunteers in place to get things done.  That is, until we start to suspect that perhaps we spend way too much time and effort in keeping those positions filled.  We start to wonder if we really need to advertise in all those different places. We start to wonder if we could retain more volunteers longer and recruit less.  We start to wonder if there is a way to make our lives easier and run our programs more efficiently.

If you are wondering any of these things, the answer is to find out what makes your most loyal volunteers tick.

So perhaps the first important skill that a volunteer manager needs to master is basic data crunching. Uncover the profile of a successful volunteer in your program by running a ‘DNA analysis.’DNA

Not literally, of course. What you are really doing is gathering some essential demographic information.

I asked the staff members who  supervise volunteers to give me the names of their ten most successful volunteers.  Our program manages approximately 150 volunteers at any given…

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