After 20 years in the nonprofit world, there is one thing I know for certain:

Volunteer managers have one of the most important jobs in any nonprofit— and they achieve much more when they reach out for coaching.

Woman thinking at her workplaceWe care so much about the work we do.  We come to our jobs to help others, effect change, and transform the world for the better.

We want bigger and better things for our volunteers, our nonprofit clients – and ourselves.


But how do we make our dream a reality when the day-to-day gets in the way? It’s tough to hold to our vision in a fast-paced nonprofit, where staffing is stretched and the to-do list keeps growing.

One option is to settle for the status quo and hope that you figure out some solutions over time.

I have a better approach.

Work with Me

Coaching is the most powerful method that I know of for achieving rapid progress in the workplace. That’s because it’s objective, supportive, and completely focused on your needs, goals, and dreams.

And when you work with me, you get a coach who knows the nonprofit volunteer management world inside and out and understands your situation.

How It Works

In our coaching sessions, I will listen and summarize your situation to help you make decisions and plan clear next steps. I may make suggestions but I won’t tell you what to do: I will empower you to take action in areas where you feel stuck or unsure.

Are you Ready?

You are ready for coaching if you want to:

  • Move out of manager-mode and start to see you vision take off
  • Bring others on board with needed projects or new approaches
  • Revive an innovative idea and see it to completion
  • Create change in a change-resistant office
  • Figure out the next meaningful chapter in your life

Right now I am offering packages for group or private coaching. Don’t miss out on your own chance to make rapid progress and feel happier and energized as you start to see real change take place on the job.

Don’t miss out on your own chance to make rapid progress. Email me and schedule your session today!