Are you feeling overwhelmed — like you’re running in place?
Climb off the hamster wheel  • get more done • and enjoy your work more with coaching

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

•  Your many responsibilities leave you on the brink of burnout, and you’re having trouble prioritizing

Your want your co-workers to engage and properly supervise volunteers, but trying you’re encountering a lot of resistance

•  You have great ideas for new volunteer projects, but you can’t get the green light from decision-makers

It’s possible to overcome your most persistent challenges and experience greater job satisfaction with coaching.

Coaching is the most powerful method that I know of for achieving rapid progress in the workplace. That’s because it’s objective, supportive, and completely focused on your needs, goals, and dreams. I have watched clients take charge of their work load, launch volunteer supervision trainings, strengthen their teams — and more with coaching.

Renew Yourself with a Kickstart Call

While coaching packages are available, many clients find what they need in just one Kickstart Call

A Kickstart Call is a one-hour deep dive into your personal workplace situation.

We’ll spend one full hour discussing what’s going well, what’s challenging, and what would make you feel most proud to accomplish. Then we’ll come up with effective new solutions for you to implement right away on the job.

What You can Expect with a Kickstart Call

Before the Call

√     You will complete a pre-call form that reflects your goals, so that our session focuses on your ideal end results

On the Call

√    We’ll review your current workplace situation and zero in on doable, effective changes that will move you forward towards your goals

After the Call

√    You’ll receive a written summary of recommended next steps — plus tips and techniques to keep you feeling motivated and on track

And — as BONUSES

√    You’ll have access to two additional resources at no additional charge:

  1. An audio recording of your call, to review any time you need a refresher, plus
  2. Two relevant lessons from my Leading Where It Counts leadership course to continue your skill-building


Want to learn more?  Email Elisa or call (703) 967-3516

“My biggest takeaways came from the initial one-on-one phone call with Elisa. We discussed my program in detail, the issues, where I’d like to take the program, and what I’d like to get out of the course. From there, I set two goals and was immediately fired up and excited to get started. I was then able to apply the assignments to those goals and really create some lasting NEW programs for the volunteers and the organization.”  –   Amy Whary, Director of Volunteer Services, Tel Hai Retirement Community

The Bottom Line

You’ve tried to reclaim your work life, but it’s hard to find solutions when you’re working inside the nonstop, under-resourced world of nonprofits.

Isn’t it time to give yourself a better option, and access help of an objective, experienced professional who has walked in your shoes?

Let’s work together and expand your possibilities!


It’s all risk-free

I have seen such great results from Kickstart Calls that I’m offering a full, moneyback guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your call any reason, I will issue a full refund.

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