Stephanie Bolson, CVA had a clear vision for where she wanted to take her volunteer program – and she was full of ideas on how to get there. The catch was transforming those ideas into goals that could be accomplished within Stephanie’s already busy schedule.

“I knew I needed to support to reach my goals,” Stephanie observed “but I wasn’t recognizing that my very ambitious ideas were actually causing burnout.  Elisa’s coaching helped me tease out my desired end result, break down my goals in to accomplish-able steps and set more realistic timelines.

While I never intended to hire a coach to tell me to slow down, I can honestly say it is the guidance I needed. Elisa helped keep me accountable for the goals I identified as important.  And in the process, I learned to set aside the work that was over-complicating or distracting me.  I feel more confident and capable thanks to Elisa’s support.  I came away with an abundance of new tools to keep me feeling engaged and passionate about my profession!”