Imagine What’s Possible by Expanding Your Volunteer Program

TH ConsultingEvery nonprofit organization has access to a renewable and cost-effective resource that can help increase revenue and expand its capacity to meet its valuable mission: volunteers.

In fact, without a robust and well-run volunteer program, nonprofits are likely to fall short of fully achieving their goals.

  • A study by Reimagining Service found that “Nonprofits that strategically leverage volunteers outperform their peers on all measures of organizational capacity and have greater impact.”
  • And beyond that, two landmark studies have shown that engaged, properly managed volunteers give more money to their chosen organizations.

Work with Me

Headshot - Resized (533x800)I partner with nonprofit organizations to establish best practices volunteer management programs and identify volunteer roles that advance the mission and ensure create the greatest return on investment for the organization.

Together, we will create a volunteer program that increases:

  • Recruitment and retention of volunteers who help deliver your program’s mission
  • Donations from current volunteers more fully committed to your cause
  • Giving from current donors who begin to engage as volunteers

How I Work

My consulting services are tailored to the particular needs of your organization and include one or all of the following steps:

  1. A consultation to learn more about your program, its mission, and the size and scope of your current volunteer program.
  2. A thorough assessment of your program’s volunteer management practices. I will review the processes in place for recruiting, screening, supervising, and sustaining. Consider this critical step: a study by the UPS Foundation found that 40% of volunteers leave an organization because of poor volunteer management practices.
  3. The development of a capacity-building plan to create new volunteer roles and strengthen the relationship-building practices that ultimately lead to increased engagement and giving.

Our work together begins with a phone call to discuss your current volunteer program and unmet needs within the organization. I will offer some suggestions and questions to explore with your staff and board, and share some of the steps we might take together to build a thriving volunteer program.

If you are ready to expand your nonprofit with a resource as valuable as dollars, contact me today!