Are you looking to expand your nonprofit’s impact, build capacity, and raise more money?



It’s challenging to run a thriving nonprofit in an uncertain economy, but sometimes the solutions are already at hand.

If your nonprofit engages volunteers, you already possess a renewable and cost-effective resource for serving more clients, delivering on your mission — and increasing giving. Studies show that loyal volunteers make 2/3 of their charitable gifts to the nonprofits they serve.

The key to success is to build a strong volunteer program that engages in best practices and integrates easily with your development team.

Take a Volunteer Program Assessment and Expand Your Nonprofit’s Reach


The Volunteer Engagement Assessment is a special one-hour, customized analysis of your volunteer program and its potential to increase services, in kind gifts, and financial contributions.

Conducted by phone, the assessment reviews your entire volunteer engagement cycle and identifies areas for improvement. We’ll pinpoint the next steps you need to take so that your volunteers stay longer, serve more clients, and increase their charitable giving.

What’s Included in the Volunteer Engagement Assessment

On the Call


  • A comprehensive review of your volunteer program -everything from marketing & recruitment to supervision & recognition
  • An on-the-call diagnosis of your program’s strengths and areas for growth
  • A special volunteer/development integration evaluation

After the Call


  • A written summary of recommended next steps to strengthen your volunteer program
  • An audio recording of your call, to review at a later time

And — as BONUSES


  • A 15 minute follow-up call to troubleshoot any challenges

The Volunteer Engagement Assessment will give you clarity around:

  • How to increase collaboration between volunteer and program staff
  • How to expand giving by deepening volunteer relationships, and;
  • How to engage more volunteers without overburdening your busy staff

“I would highly recommend utilizing Twenty Hats. She quickly learned our on-line recruitment system and skillfully screened and conducted volunteer interviews.  Elisa provided helpful feedback in solidifying our marketing strategy, recruitment process and recruitment resources.  Elisa’s enthusiasm and commitment to volunteer management and recruitment are some of the reasons we appreciate and commend Twenty Hats!”

Virginia TischnerHuman Resources Director, PRS, Inc.

The Bottomline is This

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You already know that your volunteer program has the potential to creates bigger and better outcomes for your nonprofit – but how do you objectively evaluate your program when you’re working in it?

As someone who has worked with volunteers and in development for 20+ years, I can show you how and where to achieve better results.

Let’s work together to strengthen your program. Order your Volunteer Engagement Assessment today!