Congrats, you’re measuring volunteer impact. Now what?

Just how do you communicate volunteer impact – and to whom?

This might be you.

You’re a leader of volunteers, and you’ve done the hard work of figuring out how to strategically measure the impact of your volunteers.

No more touting the number of volunteers or volunteer hours when asked to report on your program’s status.

Instead, you’re demonstrating progress towards change – illustrating with percentages (most likely) just how your volunteers engaged more visitors, increased independence for seniors, or reduced food insecurity in your community.

That’s great. Now you have meaningful data to illustrate your volunteers’ value.

Then comes the bigger question: how do you use this information to enhance your program?

This is the #1 question whenever I lead a conference session on creating impact measures. As much as participants want to learn this process, they also want to know what to do with the results.

Where do they communicate impact – and to whom?

Or to put it another way:

How can you get the most impact out of volunteer impact measures?

For starters, you’ll want to think…

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