Does your nonprofit leverage its most valuable resource?

Volunteering is the most powerful force out there for creating connections and forging long-term relationships. Volunteers spend time within your organization, getting to know staff and clients. They see the positive impact of their service first-hand. They experience the satisfaction of being part of that success and feel invested in your mission.

A volunteer who finds meaning in their role and believes in your organization will give more than their time and talents.

They will make in-kind gifts when they see an unmet need –

help you advocate when funding cuts loom or regulations change –

and they will give financially, often quite generously.

A smart, sustainable nonprofit values the volunteer role and makes it a strategic priority – even when they’re unsure how to accomplish that.

That’s Where I Come In

As a Volunteer Engagement Specialist and CVA (Certified in Volunteer Engagement), I help nonprofits thrive by ensuring that their volunteer program is structured for success and guided by well-trained staff.

I accomplish that in two ways:

By Consulting – to develop the strategy and systems needed to serve more visitors or clients, and raise more money through volunteer involvement

By Training Volunteer Managers – to ensure that leaders of volunteers are skilled in best practices that increase volunteer retention and satisfaction.

My work is informed by 20+ years in volunteering management and development – and by my commitment to honoring the volunteer contribution.

A strong volunteer program is part of the big picture for capacity building. It’s a carefully considered investment which, if properly stewarded, will yield significant results.  Work with me and I’ll show you how to get there.

Ready to explore strategic volunteer engagement?

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