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Volunteer Managers wear at least twenty hats and probably more. Among your many roles, you are human resource specialists, marketers, facilitators, systems experts, and data analysts. That’s a broad list of skills to master, and we receive little formal training to bring us up to speed.

This blog is my contribution to the skill-building piece. If you search through these pages, you will find over 150 posts covering practices in just about every area of volunteer engagement. Here’s to doing your important work with more confidence and ease.

Note: 2021 is a special year, with all of the blog posts authored by practicing volunteer managers. Enjoy hearing directly from your peers!

Guest Post: Transcending the middle with a metrics mindset

Guest Post: Transcending the middle with a metrics mindset

Measuring volunteer impact benefits more that your program: it empowers YOU The life of a volunteer manager can feel lonely. We have a primary purpose in our organization—the subject matter expert, you might say. This purpose often means we are the only ones in charge...