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Master the skills that build engagement and expand your volunteer program

Leading volunteers requires a mastery of multiple broad-ranging disciplines: marketing, interviewing, supervision, project management, and effective collaboration.

And yet, most volunteer managers receive little to no professional training, relying instead on trial and error to build their skills.

Twenty Hats provides volunteer managers with relevant, focused trainings, facilitated by an experienced trainer and CVA who knows which skills are most essential to sustaining a thriving volunteer program.

At every training, you can expect to:

  • Learn proven techniques and strategies to expand your volunteer management skills
  • Apply those concepts to your own work, with time for practice and integration
  • Receive plenty of feedback and guidance from an experienced facilitator
  • Brainstorm with colleagues around your particular workplace challenges
  • Return to the workplace with tools and handouts to you further your skill-building

Popular Trainings:

  • Creating Virtual Roles that Expand Your Volunteer Corps
  • Achieving Buy-In for Your Volunteer Program
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing for Specialized Volunteer Roles
  • The Fine Art of Facilitating Orientations
  • Marketing to Your Ideal Volunteer
  • Stories that Sell Your Volunteer Program
  • Cultivating Volunteers as Donors



“Elisa’s presentation was engaging both with hands on encouraging audience interaction and questions. She took the presentation on a course that was led by the participants, while continuing to stay on topic and relevant. I found her very knowledgeable yet approachable. I would highly recommend her as a trainer in any situation.”

Sue Hawthorne

Volunteer Manager, Volunteers of Mid Coast Maine


“The workshop was fantastic, a few of us afterwards were talking about how helpful it was. I already have ideas about how to make my future interviews better based on what we did at your workshop. Thank you for hosting it.”

Geoffrey Cohrs

Docent Coordinator, Smithsonian American Art Museum


“I love that the Twenty Hats training relates directly to your work, your present struggles and challenges. It was helpful for me to talk with my struggles out loud to my colleagues during the team brainstorming activities. I was able to relate everything we learned back to my work at my organization in some way, which I didn’t expect, but loved!”

Lauren Padgett

Manager, Volunteers and Events, PRS, Inc.


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